A differentiated, value additive, partnership approach towards middle market investments.


Backcast Partners helps middle market companies identify their future goals, and put in place the financial and human capital and other required resources to achieve those goals.
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  • Partnership mindset, value additive approach
  • Highly experienced, respected and committed middle market investors
  • Flexible capital solutions from senior debt and complete unitranche solutions through equity
  • A unique “Value Creation Platform”
  • 50+ corporate operating partners available to portfolio companies
  • Strategic relationship with Centre Partners which provides full administrative and other resources
  • Generalist industry approach
  • Offices in New York City, Los Angeles and Millburn, NJ

Erik Bloom

“We are really pleased to be working with the Backcast team again. We have known and worked with the principals there for a long time and are well aware of the kind of value they can bring to us in investments like Arcticom, which goes far beyond simply providing capital. The Backcast operating partner network, the resident knowledge it offers and doors it can open continue to be valuable to us in a way that we consider to be quite unique.”

Erik Bloom / Partner at Goense & Company / The Articom Group

Lieutenant General Gregory S. Newbold

“It seems to me that what fund contributors prize most in investment companies are the same traits that appeal to the companies that are approached by them: integrity, successful experiences in an array of circumstances, rich insights, an abiding curiosity, and focus on the pragmatic improvement of investments. My experience, on both sides of the table from the key personnel of Backcast, is that they embody these traits. It is always a pleasure to do business with them.”

Lt. Gen. Gregory S. Newbold / United States Marine Corp (Ret) / Former Director of Operations Joint Chiefs of Staff / Backcast Corporate Operating Partner / Retired Partner Torch Hill Investment Partners

Rich Lobo“I’ve had the privilege of working with both Mark and Ed as lenders and investors for over a decade and across multiple transactions. They have consistently proven themselves to be smart, solution-driven, trusted partners that deliver on their promises in both good markets and through volatile periods. Mark and Ed lead with integrity and conviction, and their ability to provide creative solutions in complex situations is driven by their immeasurable experience. They are truly best in class and I look forward to continuing to work with them and their team at Backcast Partners.”

Rich Lobo / Partner / Muirlands Capital LLC

George Fox

“We were substantial fund investors with Mark’s prior firm, SAC Capital, and developed a strong investor relationship with Mark over a seven year period. In working with Mark, we found him to be exceptionally insightful, consistent, transparent, and very well respected within his firm. His ability to construct a high yielding, lower risk metric credit portfolio, especially in a credit environment with little discipline at the time, was exceptional, as was his ability to profitably manage it through the worst recession since the great depression. Mark is extremely thoughtful, disciplined and diligent in his investment and risk analysis of both new and existing investments. I believe at the heart of Mark’s success is his ability to consistently source a high volume of new investment opportunities for consideration from his vast deal source network, which is really what differentiates him from others in the space, as it provides the best opportunity to remain very disciplined from a risk/return perspective. I am very excited to learn of Mark’s partnership with Dave and Ed at Backcast, and look forward to supporting a very credible Backcast platform.”

George Fox / President / Titan Advisors


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