Backcast Partners’ veteran team of middle market focused, decision making professionals works to understand the unique attributes of our portfolio companies.  We construct tailored financing solutions and offer other value additive resources that enable management teams to achieve their goals.  Our team understands the mindset of middle market owners, including their desire to improve management depth and find a trusted strategic and financial partner that can assist with financial and human capital needs in both good and tougher times. We also know that middle market owners may be seeking to monetize a net worth that is often illiquid and concentrated in individual companies, and often want to do so in a manner that facilitates the right balance between future professional and personal goals.

  • Highly customized, flexible financing solutions for middle market companies with $10 million to $50 million+ of EBITDA, with a willingness to consider other unique opportunities
  • Ability to provide complete capital stack solutions up to $100M
  • Financial and human capital, relevant industry relationship introductions and other benefits from our unique network of 50+ corporate operating partners
  • Long history of investing in North American businesses across most industries
  • Private equity sponsors, independent sponsors without committed capital, management owned, and family owned businesses
  • Financing for acquisitions, buyouts, growth, recapitalization, refinancing and recalcitrant lender replacement, and other tactical opportunities
  • Should an opportunity not be suitable for Backcast, we can assist with appropriate introductions to other trusted financing sources who can help


Let Backcast Partners help you achieve your goals.